Feel fit at any age

Check out our lifestyle tips for a healthier you no matter what age.


Exercise: Do what you love

Keep up with the team sports you loved at school by starting regular matches with your fellow alumni. Team sports are a great way to keep up with friends, while motivating you to keep fit.

Nutrition: Clean up your act

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A slower metabolism in your 20s means the same junk food of your adolescence carries bigger consequences. Think prevention: start by reducing sugar intake and avoiding fast food.

Supplements: Multivitamins, fish oil and probiotics.


Exercise: Flex

To maintain strength and flexibility, try regular strength training three to five days per week to prevent the progression of muscle loss that begins around age 35. Yoga can also reduce stress.

Nutrition: Less more often

Optimize young metabolism and healing by eating smaller meals more frequently that are packed with lean protein, as your body burns more calories when consuming protein.

Supplements: Add vitamin D and turmeric extract as a great natural anti-inflammatory agent.


Exercise: Keep Limber

Regular strength training three to five days per week maintain muscle and bone strength to prevent falls. To reduce risk of injury, try low-impact sports like swimming and cycling.

Nutrition: Apple a Day

Strengthen your immune system with a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, from five to 10 servings a day. Lean protein also helps preserve muscle mass.

Supplements: Add calcium for osteoporosis and creatine to reduce muscle decline.

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