Three healthy ways to retain length

Kristen McKinson

For many of us, long, strong and shiny hair is the ultimate natural hair goal. After all the things we do for our hair, we want to see our tresses reach their maximum potential. So to boost your curls, here are three tips on retaining length.

Moisturize, Moisturize!

Natural hair tends to be dryer than other hair textures, so to prevent breakage and keep your hair thriving, be sure to moisturize. One good DIY solution for all-day softness is whipped shea butter. And it’s so easy to make. Simply use a mixer to combine unrefined shea butter with a few base oils (avocado, castor, olive, coconut, jojoba) and essential oils (lavender, peppermint, rosemary) of your choice. This rich cream can also be used as a luxe daily skin lotion. That’s a win-win, if you ask me.

Deep condition

Deep conditioning is the process of fortifying the hair with moisture or protein. So when your hair feels brittle, or you’re seeing excessive breakage or splitting along the hair shaft, then you need a deep conditioning treatment pronto. As a naturalista, deep conditioning every two weeks is recommended to lock in moisture. However, depending on your hair texture and how dry it is, you may need to deep condition more frequently.

Use less heat

You’ve heard it before: too much heat on your hair is a disaster waiting to happen. Not only does heat make unruly split ends and thinner strands, but constantly applying direct heat, such as a flat iron, curling iron or curling wand, can make your natural hair lose its curl pattern. If you must straighten, remember to use low heat (350 degrees and lower) and a heat protectant product, which gives some thermal protection, while maintaining necessary moisture along the hair shaft.



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