Three bad habits damaging to your child’s teeth

Dr. Sharon Robinson

As a parent, you try to do the right things for your children. In addition to regular doctor appointments and healthy lunches, make sure you are not unknowingly teaching your children poor dental hygiene.

Sweets between Meals

While a snack between meals is normal, the wrong type could lead to tooth decay. Candy and sugary juices between meals can damage teeth. Instead, stick to healthier snacks with complex carbohydrates, like fruits. If your child wants a sweet on occasion, offer it with a meal. The saliva produced to digest larger quantities of a meal helps keep teeth bacteria-free.

Drinks before Bed

Rethink your strategy if a sippy cup is part of your nightly routine. When children drink juice, chocolate milk or even milk before bed without brushing their teeth afterward, the sugar in those drinks lingers, which leads to cavities. So for bedtime drinks, stick with water. If your child has a sugary drink before bedtime, make sure they brush their teeth before going to bed.

Skipping Dentist Appointments

Research recommends that both children and adults see a dentist every six months. Skipping a couple of appointments because your child’s teeth appear fine could prove dire. Aside from tooth decay, a typical appointment also involves preventive cleaning and dental care training. So be sure to always schedule the next appointment before you leave the dentist’s office.


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