Jamaican cops seize large stash of cocaine from hull of Spanish ship

Jamaican police make large cocaine seizure at Gordon Cay

Jamaican cops seize large stash of cocaine seized from hull of Spanish ship

The Narcotics Police, the Marine Division along with the Jamaica Customs Contraband Enforcement Team (CET) made a multi-million dollar cocaine seizure at Gordon Cay, Port Bustamante, Kingston on Sunday, May 14.

Reports are that about 2:18 a.m., security personnel observed a suspicious object attached to the hull of one of the ships, which arrived in the island on Friday, May 12 from Valencia, Spain. The Police and the CET were summoned.

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The object was discovered to be a metal canister. Checks revealed that the canister contained fifty-eight rectangular parcels of cocaine.

The illicit drug weighed 75.35 kilograms and has an estimated street value of J$71.63 million (US $551,000).

No arrest has been made in connection with the seizure.

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