How to keep your skin healthy during dry months

The transition from fall to winter presents unique challenges for everyone. Not only is it important to switch wardrobes in order to brave the cold, we also have to get used to driving in the snow and ice, remember to shovel the sidewalk, and of course, prepare against the seasonal onslaught of the cold and flu.

While it’s common to stock up on vitamin C and warm clothes, many neglect to take care of their skin during these colder months. This is a problem that is particularly prevalent among men.

“The number one skincare complaint I hear from men is dry skin,” says Dr. Terrence Keaney, a pioneer in the field of men’s specific dermatology who recommends the Dove Men + Care personal wash range as men’s best defense against dry skin. “The colder weather months are stressful and drying on men’s skin due to a decrease in humidity, cold winds and the heavy, often irritating clothes we are forced to wear. These factors are exaggerated in men due to various behavioral differences coupled with varying degrees of understanding regarding personal care products and skincare.”

Dr. Keaney’s research has consistently shown that men’s skin needs to be cared for differently than women’s due to biological and behavioral differences. “Many men aren’t using personal care products designed specifically with their skin in mind, which is why I recommend Dove Men+Care.” The Dove Men+Care range of products was created to address men’s specific skin care concerns, giving men comfortable skin without sacrificing effectiveness.

Biologically, men’s skin is different than women’s skin because it is thicker, produces more sweat and oil resulting in larger pores that can clog with dirt and oil more easily. Men’s skin also has lower pH values, which can cause some cleansing products to have a more drying effect on skin.

“When men come into my office the first thing I recommend are cleansing products designed for them that will effectively remove dirt and excess oil while also hydrating their skin,” states Dr. Keaney. “Maintaining skin’s hydration levels is one of the most important ways to keep the skin healthy and strong.” The Dove Men+Care Hydration Balance Body Wash is made with MICROMOISTURE technology that activates on skin during lather to lock in the skin’s natural moisture and provide hydration for healthier, stronger skin.

Another cause of dry skin that can become exaggerated in the winter month is men’s shower routine. Men are sometimes overaggressive when cleansing and scrubbing and often use hot water excessively. Both of these habits will wash away the skin’s protective oils and can leave the skin dry, tight and itchy.

In addition to over-scrubbing, Dr. Keaney points out that “using traditional bar soaps can accelerate skin irritation and dryness. Traditional bar soaps often lack the moisturizing benefits needed to maintain moisture in men’s skin.” If you prefer using a bar in the shower over a body wash, Dr. Keaney recommends the Dove Men+Care Clean Comfort Bar which has a mild formula and contains the signature Dove ¼ moisturizing cream that will better help maintain skin’s hydration levels when compared to traditional bar soaps.

While the cold weather and winter are unavoidable, dealing with the dry, irritated skin that often accompanies winter can be remedied by simply understanding how to properly care for the skin. “The most important thing men can do this winter is understand that their skin requires a different type of care than a women’s, and they must use products that will maintain hydration levels for healthier, stronger skin,” urges Dr. Keaney. The skin is the immune system’s primary line of defense against bacteria and viruses and when properly cared for, men can enjoy a more comfortable and active winter season.


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