Sean Paul Turns the Temperature Up on Scorcha

Jamaican multi-award-winning Billboard chart topper Sean Paul is heating up 2022 with his eighth full-length album Scorcha, out now via Island Records.

For two decades, the Jamaican rapper and singer Sean Paul has kept the party going with hits like his No. 1 singles Temperature and Get Busy and collaborations with major artistes from Beyoncé to Sia. He’s continued to make music in the years since his radio domination, and today, the dancehall pioneer plans to continue his domination with Scorcha.

The sixteen-track album finds the global artiste serving up his infectious sound on party-starting rhythms just in time for the summer.  Scorcha is the second entry in Paul’s recent return to music: he released his previous album Live N Livin’ last year, marking his first LP release in seven years. And while Live N Livin’ featured appearances from respected dancehall and reggae artistes, Scorcha is a notably more radio-friendly record, and boasts features from artistes across different genres with guests including Ty Dolla $ign, and Tove Lo, as well as artistes steeped in the dancehall scene like Damian Marley and Shenseea.

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While Scorcha promises to get you dancing, Sean Paul also addresses personal topics such as stress, infidelity, and fear on tracks like Borrowed Time and Good Day.

Sean Paul admitted in a recent interview ahead of the album’s release that Scorcha represents something entirely different for him.

“I make party music, something where people can forget about their problems and throw themselves into the party on a weekend, but this album shows a lot more growth as well.”

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The artiste further highlighted that he’s a thoughtful person and that this was not being reflected through his music.

“I’ve been a thoughtful person for many years, and it’s not reflected in my music, so there are some songs like Good Day and Calling on Me, that’s a song about being there for each other, about family. ‘Borrowed Time’ is a party track, but there’s something deeper in there. It’s talking about cheating.”

The dancehall legend is currently on tour promoting his album. Sean’s next stop will be the U.K., Europe, and Canada this summer. Sean is also set to join Pitbull this fall for the 2022 “Can’t Stop Us Now” tour. Returning to the stage following two years since touring due to the coronavirus pandemic, Paul is eager and excited to reconnect with his fans live and in person.

Throughout his career, Sean Paul has made a name for himself as an artiste with a unique sound, look, and passion. His ability to show the power and unity in music through various collaborations, across many genres has catapulted his career over the years on various charts, awards, and with a huge fanbase. Most recently, Sean earned a Grammy nomination for Best Reggae Album for his 7th studio album Live N Livin, which was released in 2021.









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