Mosquito spraying for West Palm Beach


Workers from the Palm Beach County Mosquito Control Division will be doing aerial spraying on Tuesday night, June 13.

The planned coverage area is 270,000-acres in targeted location west of Military Trail out to the glades.

Chris Reisinger is the environmental analyst with the mosquito control division.

He said workers will be using a Huey helicopter to do the aerial spraying, which is necessary to control the mosquito population that has increased during and after the recent rains.

Reisinger said their traps have a lot of mosquitoes in them and a lot of them are salt marsh mosquitoes that come up Miami-Dade county.

The aerial spraying should begin around 930 p.m.

There is a hotline to call to find out when and what areas will be sprayed.

That number is 561-642-8775.




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