Some Jamaican plants found best for herbal treatments

Jamaican Herbal Treatments - Caribbean National Weekly News

Jamaica, as do other Caribbean countries, has a wide variety of vegetation including herbs that are fixed in the national lore for their alleged curative prowess. However, there are also many trees with leaves that have been used to treat a variety of illnesses and ailments. Some of these leaves and their healing effect follows:

Ackee Leaves

Ackee is popular as the culinary partner of cod fish, but the leaves of the ackee tree, grown all over Jamaica is said to be useful to make a tea for colds, flu. asthma and mucus congestion. When mixed with salt the tea is also useful as a mouthwash for the oral disease, pyorrhoea and gum problems.

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Avocado Leaves

The leaves (and bark) of the avocado (or pear) tree is also useful to brew as a tea for colds, cough, asthma and high blood pressure, and when heated and applied to the forehead the leaves relieves headache.

Breadfruit Leaves

The leaves of the breadfruit tree can be used to brew a tea that is useful for lowering blood pressure and treat diabetes.

Soursop Leaves

The leaves of this popular fruit tree is alleged to have many healing effects. Lately, it has been spoken as an effective natural source for the treatment of a variety of cancers. In addition the leaves are said to be useful for:


Promote healing of skin irritations and rheumatism by applying the crushed leaves


Brewed as a tea as a remedy for gall bladder problems, and for coughs, catarrah, diarrhea, dysentery, fever and indigestion.


Treat inflammation and swollen feet when the crushed leaves, or a brew of the tea, are applied.

Also, the juice of the fruit when drunk is a useful remedy for urethritis, haematuria and liver ailments, and the root bark can be used as an antidote for poisoning.


Trumpet Leaves


A tea from the trumpet leaves can be used for toothaches, whooping cough, fever, and as a heart tonic. It is also used for asthma, hoarseness, and to expel the placenta after childbirth.


Tamarind Leaves


The leaves of the tamarind tree are useful as a laxative and as a gargle for sore throat, the tea made from the leaves is useful for treating measles.


Leaf of Life


The leaf of a succulent plant with a reddish tinge on the stem. The leaves have indented edges from which other mall plants can grow. The juice from the Leaf of Life is used to treat colds and coughs. The juice can be mixed with salt and/or honey to treat headaches, colds, bronchitis, and high blood pressure. The leaves can also be heted to treat abscesses and swellings on the body.