US-Jamaicans should be represented in Jamaican parliamentary

Dr. Peter Phillips - Caribbean National Weekly News

Jamaica’s Opposition Leader Dr. Peter Phillips is calling for Jamaicans

in the United States to have a representative in their country’s parliament.

This eventuality would mean an amendment to the Jamaican Constitution. According to Phillips, this is long is overdue.

Relic of 1962

“That’s a relic of the world of 1962 and, quite frankly it needs to be

adjusted. But it requires a national discourse here,” Dr. Phillips said

during a meeting in Montego Bay on July 14.


He added, “Certainly, it is something that ought to be done because

a critical part of Jamaica resides in the United States. These people

and those who live in Canada and the United Kingdom are no less

Jamaican in love of the country than those live in Jamaica,” Dr Phillips



Phillips, who succeeded Portia Simpson Miller as president of the

People’s National Party (PNP) this year, previously served as

Jamaica’s transport, health, national security and finance minister.

He also spoke about expanding a critical area that the Diaspora

contributes to the Jamaican economy.


Improvement in investment flows


“I would like to see moves from remittance to investment flows in

a much greater degree, because I consider the Diaspora community

to be a vital source of investment capital that can lift the Caribbean.

And, at the same time, we in Jamaica, and the rest of the Caribbean

need to recognize an important fact. If we could see the Diaspora

community as an extension of our domestic market for locally produced

goods, it could make a tremendous difference to our productive

capacity. This would also improve our productivity, our earnings, and

the scale of wealth in our country. But this requires an engagement,” Dr.

Phillips stated.



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