Jamaican Diaspora 20 under 40: Asanyah Davidson: The Design Diva

The Design Diva

Asanyah always believed she could be and do anything that she wanted. She sought after doing what she loved and has had many adventures along the way. She says her heritage has allowed her to live a life that she is proud of.

“Coming from a place where I never felt that I couldn’t be anything I wanted cemented my approach to my goals. In the United States I think a lot of kids grow up being told on some level they can’t do certain things and that was never my case. My family is diverse; they value hard work and intelligence over everything else.”

Asanyah received her graduate degree at Central Saint Martins in London, England and got a Master of Arts in Design Studies. She has travelled the world taking in the local fashion and culture, even teaching and working in West Africa. Beginning her career in 2001, Asanyah says her love of problem solving and learning is what inspired her to thrust herself into the field. “Designers by virtue of what they do have to pool information from various disciplines to solve design problems.” When speaking on her love of her heritage, she says “Our colorful heritage first and foremost. I think our “mix” gives us strength even though at time we may forget ourselves. Our hard working nature and the way Jamaicans show pride in themselves and the island we were blessed to be born on. Oh and Sunday mawning provisions (I love me some cooked food).”

For members of the Diaspora who want to follow Asanyah down the creative ‘Rabbit Hole’ she warns, Don’t assume design is a field that is easy. The best designers are lovers of information and know more than just their field. So read, learn, explore and challenge yourself.” Asanyah has created numerous African inspired clothing designs showcased on media networks including NBC In The Mix, and through her website Circa24.com. She hopes to continue to do collaborations that will challenge her and allow her personal brand to grow.




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