Bernie Sanders: The Main Attraction at Miami Book Fair

Credit: Miami Herald

If there was doubt that young South Floridians were inspired by former Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders this doubt was cast aside last Saturday when Sanders appeared at the Miami Book Fair at the Wolfson campus of Miami-Dade College where he featured his new book “Our Revolution: A Future to Believe In.”
Hundreds of people, mostly young, turned up at the college’s Chapman Conference Center to hear Sanders presentation. Several, of all races, wore T-Shirts with the words “Join the Revolution.” Some carried posters declaring their love and support of Sanders. A few posters read “Bernie in 2020” implying Sanders should again run for the presidency in 2020.
When Sanders appeared on stage, a loud roar soared through the packed hall with shouts of “Bernie! Bernie.”
In his address Sanders said although the election was over, the “Revolution continues.” Turning his attention to President-elect Trump. He said, “Mr. Trump, we are not going backwards. We want you to know that it’s the job of the majority to stand with minorities… I hope you know the damage you have done to America and the rest of the world and be ready to repair this damage.”
Sanders also criticized Trump for sparking the so-called Birther Movement years ag when he accused President Barack Obama of not being more in the US. Sanders said the Movement was “a racist attempt” to undermine Obama’s legitimacy as the first Black president.
Focusing on Miami specifically, Sanders urged the audience to be mindful of the dangers of climate change. Making referencing to the flooding on South Florida’s east coast from the encroaching ocean tide during full moons, he cautioned “there will be more rising sea level,” He said he hopes Trump knows it’s extremely important to listen to advice from the scientific community re the action needed to protect the country from the dangers of climate change.

Sanders who has been offered a leadership role in the incoming US Senate told the audience not to despair because their candidate didn’t win the presidential election or their party holds the majority in the US Congress. He said the people of America may not win the battle in Congress where Democrats are out-numbered, but “We’re going to win this battle in grassroots America….Every person in this room is a powerful person if you choose to exercise your power, and your power is 365 days a year.”


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