Jamaican Diaspora 20 under 40: Andrew Greenidge: The Great Defender

The Great Defender

Andrew Greenidge, 36, was born to Trinidadian and Jamaican parents, has been practicing as a lawyer since 2005 and has found a way to bring together his love of his cultural heritage and love of country. His most memorable moment in his career was “Negotiating the merger of Miami Carnival and Broward Carnival, and the look on my client’s face when I won my first jury trial.”

The Florida State grad works Securities Litigation at the Kaufman Dolowich & Voluck law firm and focuses his talents and work ethic towards improving the appellate process for the circuit court for Miami-Dade County, and his 12th grade American Government teacher is the one who inspired him to take a dive down this path.

“It was in her class I realized that I had a passion for understanding the rules and laws that we as people collectively have decided to live by, and the process in which these laws are made and how they can be changed.”

Hoping to be able to take on the system and to one day create or rewrite those laws, Andrew believes it is his Jamaican heritage that has made him tough. “As a lawyer I am not afraid to face any obstacle or adversary because I have the blood of a strong people flowing through my veins. The drive of our people.  We are always striving for greatness.”

Many young professionals have been down the same path as Andrew and know that it isn’t always easy to find the path you want to take and stay on it. All college graduates know that going to school is the easy part, paying for it is the hard. His advice for those interested in trying to do what he is doing?

“Try to go to a public law school in the state you want to work in. It is dramatically easier to find a job in the state where your law school is located and in-state tuition can easily save you $100,000 in student loan debt.”



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