Spencer knows fate July 15

Kaliese Spencer will know her fate on July 15

Jamaican 400 meters hurdler, Kaliese Spencer, who is in danger of being banned for a doping violation, will know her fate on July 15.

Spencer, 30, is accused of refusing to submit to a drug test by doping control officers of the Jamaica Anti-Doping Commission (JADCO) on April 27 last year.

The 2014 Commonwealth Games gold medalist contends she was never notified that she was to be tested.

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On Tuesday, Spencer, fellow Olympian Christine Day and their former coach, Bert Cameron, testified at the hearing.

Spencer testified that she is usually approached directly by doping control officers from JADCO during the one-hour window submitted on a whereabouts form, for her to sign the notification form for testing.

On the date in question, April 27, she indicated she would be available for testing between 6:00 am and 7:00 am.

During cross-examination, JADCO attorney Lackston Robinson suggested to Spencer that Cameron had advised her that she was selected to be tested. But Spencer said she only spoke to Cameron and Day about upcoming competitions.

Cameron was called by Spencer’s attorney Paul Green. During testimony, he said he did not have any conversation with a JADCO representative about Spencer being selected on April 27.

He denied Spencer saying she was not going to do a drug test after being at the training camp all morning. He said she was not told by any JADCO representative that they wanted to conduct tests.

Spencer said after she left the National Stadium in Kingston, her agent Marvin Anderson called to say she needed to return to the nearby Stadium East complex for testing by doping control officers.

Anderson called shortly after and told her to head to JADCO’s office instead. That is where she said the confusion occurred.



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