Belize Independence Feature

Michael D Young

Born in: Belize, C.A.

Lives in: Miramar, FL

Profession: Emissary of State (FL); International Strategist/Agent & Consultant

Your life’s passion?

To be an actual proponent and contributor to the economic and educational empowerment of my people and country, through viable businesses and direct investments; to continue to be a benefactor to my family, namely my life-partner wife, kids, family clan, & dearest friends. My motto is: God, Family, Business & Country (in that order).


What do you miss most about home?

The People. Apart from Belize’s natural beauty and of course we can’t forget about “the food!” … the genuine-warmth & bless-ed love of the ones grown up with, friends and family alike, including the ones you get to know along the way is what makes returning home so sweet every time. We are a true compact melting pot, with almost seven distinct cultures, all, for the most part, existing harmoniously.


What makes you a proud Belizean?

My homeland country’s uniqueness. Belize is what we patriots at times refer to as, with bias of course, “the best of both worlds.” Belize is simultaneously a part of the Central American Block, as well as the Greater Caribbean Community, while being the only country within the former (C.A.) i.e., where English is the official language, coupled with the fact that the majority of its population are of Hispanic or Latin descent.



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