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Cerone White

Queen Elizabeth II during a visit to Jamaica in 2002

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II visited Jamaica

On this day in Caribbean history April 26, 1975, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II stayed at King’s House, Jamaica, to attend the third Commonwealth Heads of Government Conference.

The Common Wealth Heads of Government meeting (CHOGM) is a conference that takes place every two years to discuss issues affecting the Heads of Government of the Commonwealth of Nations. This meeting takes place in a different member state and is chaired by that nation’s Prime Minister or President.

The third meeting of the CHOGM in 1975 was held in Kingston, Jamaica from April 29, 1975, to May 6, 1975. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II came early before the scheduled event to spend time on the island. During her stay on the island, Sir. Florizel Augustus Glasspole, O.N., G.C.M.G., G.C.V.O., C.D. was Governor General of Jamaica and Michael Manley was Prime Minister. The visit by the queen during the third CHOGM is said to be one of Glasspole’s highest points in his occupancy at Kings House. During the third CHOGM, items discussed were: nuclear disbarment, the situation in Rhodesia, South Africa, and the decolonization of Southern Africa among other regional issues.



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