Paris terrorist attacks leave more than 100 dead

Terror swept Paris on Friday as a series of attacks left more than 100 people dead in one of the worst attacks in the country’s history.

The six attacks left the government no choice but to put the country on lockdown, calling for a state of emergency.

All the gunmen responsible for the attacks are believed to be dead as authorities reported that seven of the eight attackers died by suicide bombings.

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As a precaution, police officers has urged residents to stay indoors and avoid outdoor public events.

The attacks on Friday are the second time this year the country has come under attack by gunmen. In January, the capital was struck by attackers who claimed allegiance to Islamic State and an al Qaeda affiliate.

It was unclear who was behind Friday’s onslaught. The country has joined the U.S. led air campaign against Islamic State territory in Iraq and Syria, vowing retaliation from the militant group.

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