Jamaican Norman Hemming honored by LEO Foundation

Norman Hemming honored

Named Prosecutor of the Year

Norman Hemming, a native of Jamaica has been named the 2016 Prosecutor of the Year by the Law Enforcement Officer (LEO) Foundation and the Association of Chiefs of Police.

Hemming, who currently serves as President of the Amber Lake Home Owners Association, and also serves on the Pastor’s Council of the Cooper City Church of God, was born in Kingston, where he attended Jamaica College, and completed his secondary education at Evander Childs High School in New York.

Upon graduating from Evander Childs he did course work for a bachelor’s degree at both Cornell University and John Jay College of Criminal Justice.

After college, Hemming earned a Merit Fellowship scholarship to Howard University School of Law where he received a law degree.  After graduation from law school, he worked as an Assistant District Attorney with the Manhattan DA’s Office. He subsequently spent the next two decades working for the federal government.  Additionally, he earned an ordination certificate as a minister of the gospel from Shiloh Theological Seminary in Stafford, Virginia.



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