Lauderhill Police Dept. yet to assign a new permanent Chief of Police

Since early August when Andrew Smalling resigned as Chief of Police of the City of Lauderhill Police Department, a new permanent chief has not been appointed. Since Smalling’s resignation the department’s deputy chief Major Constance Stanley has been serving as interim chief. Howeverm some of the city residents are concerned why a permanent successor hasn’t been named.

“We need to know if Major Stanley will be given the position, or if a new chief is going to be appointed, “ said Lucas Wells, a long time city resident and community organizer. “This is a small city, but one that can have big law enforcement problems. The residents needs to know who is the real chief, not the interim chief.”

After his resignation, Smalling served as a consultant to the Department. Some residents assumed the city would have settled on Smalling’s permanent successor before his consulting assignment ended on November 3. However, a successor was not named, and Stanley continues to serve as interim chief.

One possible obstacle is finding a suitable successor

“We are a relatively small city,” said resident Curtis Jennings another resident. “And it may there’s be a problem finding a suitable replacement from within the city.”

The commission has passed a new ordinance which, according to city information officer Leslie Johnson, allows the city to consider an applicant for police chief from outside the city at the city manager’s discretion.

But Johnson also noted that the city has not advertised for a new chief.

“The City Manager also has the discretion to keep the interim manager in place as long as he thinks necessary, confirm the interim manger as the permanent police chief, or decide to advertise for the position if he so determine,” said Johnson




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