Miramar residents unhappy with Commission vote

Miramar residents unhappy with Commission vote
Miramar Mayor Wayne Messam, and Commissioners Maxwell Chambers and Yvette Colbourne

Some residents of the City of Miramar are peeved at opposition on the city’s commission on funds voted for a Caribbean small business.

Commissioners approve $500,000 project

At a recent meeting of the Commission, two Commissioners, Yvette Colbourne and Maxwell Chambers, along with Mayor Wayne Messam, voted to approve $500,000 fund the rehabilitation and beautification project of the shops located at 68th Avenue and Miramar Parkway, housing B&M Grocery and 9 other small businesses.

The complex is owned by a Jamaican businessman.

“Totally unfair

According to Miranda Hughs, a resident of East Miramar, who attended the commission meeting, it is “totally unfair” that there should be opposition by the two other commissioners, Darline Riggs and Winston Barnes to the funding.

“This funding will allow the completion of the project. It will be money well spent to finalize the beautification project from 441 to 68th avenue.  it will also bring the plaza and those small businesses into compliance with the ADA and other City building codes. The owner has already spent $62,000 to provide a new roof to the plaza which was needed before the project could begin,” Hughs said.

Caribbean National Weekly understands from city staffers the kind of support approved by the three commissioners is not unusual, as the City of Miramar has spent over $8 million dollars to attract new business from outside to locate within the city confines.

First time assistance

Hughs and other residents claim this is the first time the city is assisting a small business in the particular section of East Miramar, “I think the commission’s vote shows a commitment not only to big business, but small businesses and to East Miramar and its revitalization. This plaza is located across the street from Shirley Branca Park, where a new band-shell will be completed and this will just add to the vibrancy and beautification of the area in general.


“I am astonished, only three commissioners supported the funding. This questions the commitment of those dissenting on their support to small businesses in East Miramar, which are mostly owned by Caribbean-American entrepreneurs.  We applaud Mayor Messam, and Commissioners Colbourne and Chambers for taking a bold step and supporting small businesses and the redevelopment of East Miramar. And the residents want to urge Commissioners Riggs and Barnes to reconsider and support this venture.”


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