Immigration Agents Step Up Raids at Greyhound Bus Terminals in South Florida

MIAMI, Florida – According to news reports, Federal immigration agents have stepped up efforts to identify and arrest immigrants who do not have legal immigration status, at Grey Hound Bus Terminals in South Florida and other locations across the U.S.

Following recent changes in federal apprehension policies allowing agents to apprehend immigrants in the interior of the U.S. for expedited deportation, Customs and Border Patrol officials (CBP) have escalated operations to identify “illegal” immigrants by boarding Grey Hound buses to check the immigration status of passengers.

These “transportation checks” target the most vulnerable group of immigrants, those who are not able to legally drive or fly due to their immigration status. Instead, they are forced to take trains or buses for long-distance transportation and are now more at risk than ever.

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Under Trump’s ever-increasing dictatorial policies, immigration officials now have free rein to stop and question any individual based upon their ethnicity, just like Nazi Germany, “Papers Please!”. As a result, immigrants should carefully consider the risks involved in long-distance travel and perhaps use transportation options other than Amtrak or Greyhound.

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