Broward Health Opens New Vaccination Site at Inter Miami CF Stadium

CNW Reporter

Broward Health's Dr. Aldo Calvo (right) and District 1 Commissioner Heather Moraitis (left) join Fort Lauderdale Mayor Dean Trantalis (center) to announce the opening of the COVID-19 vaccination site at Inter Miami CF Stadium on January 12. Photo/City of Fort Lauderdale Twitter

Broward Health opened a new appointment-only COVID-19 vaccination site on Tuesday, but the website for seniors and community healthcare providers to pre-register was not accepting new appointments on Wednesday.

The new site is located at the Inter Miami CF Stadium, at 1350 NW 55 St., in Fort Lauderdale. Plans are to vaccinate 500 people per day, with the location being open from Monday to Friday.

But on Tuesday, Broward Health’s Dr. Aldo Calvo said they already had a massive demand. “As of today, we’ve had over 30,000 online requests. We scheduled about 1,500 as of this morning,” he said.

“We’re doing 500 vaccinations per day. We hope to be able to scale that more in the future upwards of about a thousand per day. And we will work with the state to make sure we’ll have enough vaccine supply.”

On Wednesday, the website for seniors and Broward Health staff to pre-register crashed. Residents are being urged to check back on the website for the vaccination request form.

People eligible to receive the vaccines at Broward Health sites are: People ages 65 and over, office staff of Broward Health’s credentialed physicians, EMS and community healthcare providers.

People who are eligible must register at Broward Health officials will then reach out to schedule an appointment. No walk-ups will be accepted.



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