Broward Health appoints new interim CEO

Fort Lauderdale based Broward Health has named Jamaican-born Pauline Grant as interim president and CEO, as the system navigates various changes and works to restore public trust.

The North Broward Hospital District initially named its Chief Operating Officer Kevin Fusco as interim CEO, following the death of Broward Health President and CEO Dr. Nabil El Sandi, who died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound in January.

In a statement, North Broward Hospital District Chairman David DiPietro called Ms. Grant “a strong and steady leader.”

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Grant joined Broward Health in 1993 as director of primary care services. She was promoted to VP of ambulatory care services in 1999 and to CEO of Broward Health North in 2003.

She did her undergraduate studies at the University of the West Indies in Jamaica and graduated with first class honors and continued her education earning a Master of Science degree in nutrition and community health. Her early career involved working for the government of Jamaica and the World Health Organization focusing on malnutrition and under nutrition.

She later emigrated to the United States to pursue an M.B.A. degree and advanced her career in healthcare. One of her earlier positions was with the Seminole Tribe as a health planner and director of three clinics on four reservations.

This position gave her the necessary experience to take on more challenging responsibilities with the Broward County government running their primary care clinics. The North Broward Hospital District subsequently took over management of these clinics which brought her into the fold of the “District” and eventually to the position of Chief Executive Officer, North Broward Medical Center.





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