Inter-marriages within the Kalinago Tribe in Dominica is banned

On this day in Caribbean history May 9, 2008 a Dominica legislator seeks legislation to outlaw inter-marriages within the Kalinago tribe. Chief Charles Williams proposed a law that members of the ethnic group Kalinagobe be married only to each other for self-preservation. Williams also asked that foreigners be barred from living on the tribe’s 3,800-acre reserve. This was in an effort to “up” or grow the population within dwindling indigenous population.

Williams created a law that states that the people of the tribe of Kalinagos should “pair off” and produce children to help raise the population of the Kalinago tribe. The country of Dominica which shouldn’t be confused the Dominican Republic was originally inhabited by the Kalinago in the 1400’s before the Europeans colonized the island.

Facts About Dominica:

  • The Common Wealth of Dominica is located in the Lesser Antilles province of the Caribbean Sea.
  • Dominica is located south-southeast of Guadeloupe and northwest of Martinique.
  • The population was 72,301 at the 2014 census.
  • The capital is Roseau, located on the leeward side of the island.



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