Sangster International Aiport introduces electronic boarding passes

Passengers using the Sangster International Airport in Montego Bay, Jamaica are now being allowed to use electronic boarding passes as part of the security screening process.

The operator of the airport – MBJ Airports Limited on Monday announced that the move follows the approval of the Jamaica Civil Aviation Authority to allow passengers travelling on or after the effective date to use boarding passes as displayed on electronic handheld devices for screening by airport security personnel.

“Passengers will be able to check in online for their flights and arrive at the airport and proceed directly to the security screening area or check their bags first and then proceed to the security screening area,”  said a release from the authority.

“This initiative is one of several being undertaken to improve the overall passenger experience at the Montego Bay Airport to maintain our recognition as the leading airport in the Caribbean.”

MBJ Airports Limited said announcements will be made regarding the other initiatives at the appropriate time.



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