Edi Fitzroy is dead

Reggae singer, Edi Fitzroy is dead.

The singer, whose real name is Fitzroy Edwards, died in the May Pen Hospital in his home country of Jamaica on Saturday.

He was born November 17, 1955 in Chapelton, Clarendon and would have celebrated his 62nd birthday this year.

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Known for his hit singles Princess Black, Check For You Once, The Gun, Youthman Penitentiary, First Class Citizen and Deep In Me Culture, Edi Fitzroy has five albums to his credit: The Best Of Edi Fitzroy, The Musical Ambassador Years, Peace And Love, We A Lion and Deep In Mi Culture.

Edi Fitzroy attended Kingston College and was a certified accountant with the now defunct, Jamaica Broadcasting Corporation in the 1970s where he stayed until the 1990s before he quit to pursue a full time career in music.

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