Barbados bans harvesting of sea eggs

Barbados bans harvesting of sea eggs

Barbados says a ban on sea eggs harvesting will remain in force, and there will be no sea egg fishing season this year.

Chief Fisheries Officer, Stephen Willoughby, said that the results of the annual sea egg survey for 2017 indicate that the sea egg stock around the island is very low. He said the government cannot support the opening of a fishing season of any reasonable duration this year.

Desist from harvesting/purchasing

Officials are asking all fishermen, divers and the general public to desist from harvesting or purchasing sea eggs and to allow the stock to recover to levels that would support fishing in the future.

The authorities also reminded the public that the penalty for selling, purchasing or being in possession of sea eggs or roe during the sea egg fishing ban is, on summary conviction, a fine of up to BDS$50,000 and, or, up to two years’ imprisonment.

Study on small waterspouts operators

Meanwhile, the Barbados Ministry of Tourism and International Transport says it is carrying out a study on the economic contribution of small watersports operators.

It said research will be conducted among key stakeholders in the tourism sector, including face-to-face interviews, and focus groups with users of the services of small water sports operators.

The data collection stage is expected to commence later this month and stakeholders and small businesses in the sub-sector are asked to cooperate.

About Sea Eggs

Sea eggs (sea urchin) are commonly found in the waters surrounding Barbados, especially on the eastern and southern coasts. The golden roe is a delicious delicacy, enjoyed by Barbadians for many years. Unfortunately a decline in the sea egg population led to extensive bans on harvesting.  To learn more on sea eggs and sea egg excursions in Barbados, click the following link: Excursions in Barbados



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