Cut cigarettes out of your life

More than 36 million adults in the United States smoke cigarettes, killing nearly half a million lives a year and leaving 16 million with diseases caused by smoking. But the smoking rate is decreasing according to the Center for Disease Control (CDC).

Today there are more former cigarette smokers than current smokers in the Untied States, if you are still smoking and are looking to quit here are some tips on how to put down the cigarette.

These tips come from participants of the CDC’s Tips From Former Smokers (TM) Campaign, to allow others to hear what techniques worked best for these former smokers in their journey to quit.

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Choose a quit date and support team

Use a nicotine patch to control cravings, drink water in substitution of smoking in your free time.

Once choosing the quit day, keep yourself busy that day to avoid the urge to smoke.

Tell a relative to promote daily encouragement to keep the urge down.

Create Accountability

Avoid situations or things that would trigger you to crave a cigarette. For example, a common trigger for most are going out for drinks with friends.

Create accountability by telling everyone that you are quitting. In case they do you see give into temptation by smoking, you can be held accountable for your decision to quit.

Manage Stress

Stress can be a trigger to many smokers, learn to use stress reduction techniques like meditation or exercise to release negative energy.

Substitute positive for negative

Think of quitting as a positive lifestyle change to prolong your time with family as well as benefiting your health.

If there are times during this process where you feel you have self doubt, remember who and what reason you are quitting for.

Visit the CDC’s Quit Guide Online, to learn of more tips and learn more information about how to stop smoking.