Third World Drummer to perform at Broward College, August 20

Third World Drummer to perform at Broward College

Just in time for back to school, next Saturday, August 20, starting at 3:30 p.m., former Third World drummer and percussionist, Willie Stewart, will be sharing his views on music and society while you take an up close look and an interactive approach during this musical event. The free event, held at the South Regional Broward College (BC) Library in Pembroke Pines, will offer the first 100 participants a hands on drumming experience, but Stewart reassures us that everyone will have an instrument to help contribute to turning “beats into rhythms, and rhythms into music.”

“We’ll practice some beats, play some percussion, and let the music set the tone for the way we should live together, it’s important to communities.” says Stewart. “That is why I am fighting as an advocate to bring the arts back to the schools because it keeps kids balanced. They can relate to music quickly and they need a place to express this, it would make a difference in their lives.”

Visitors are invited to experience the thrill of playing drums as Willie guides you in all things drumming. Stewart is working to initiate a program that will create an environment between local law enforcement and the community to use music as a tool to level the playing field. He says “Music unites everyone, it is a fabric that unites them because people try something new and whether they are skilled or not, people always end up laughing.”

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Stewart say this event will have people feeling energized mentally, spiritually, and physically. They will definitely have a feeling of rejuvenation.

“Drumming brings out the best in us; where we all can work together to achieve a common goal. It teaches us the importance of team building and harmony and is the fabric the glue that brings people together, families closer in a very special way.”

– Willie Stewart

This event is brought to you by the Broward County Library, and the Friends of South Regional-BC Library in collaboration with the Embrace Music Foundation. For more information visit broward.org/library

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