Robert DeNiro offers relief to Barbuda

Robert De Niro funds the rebuilding of Barbuda - Caribbean National Weekly News

American actor Robert De Niro has offered to rebuild the island of Barbuda that was destroyed when the eye of Hurricane Irma slammed into the country with winds of 185 mph last week.

De Niro, who first visited Barbuda several years ago says he has plans to develop a US$200 million resort through Noby – the hospital company he co-founded.

The island, suffered 95 per cent damage to homes and businesses, leaving it uninhabitable with no power, water or cell service.

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All the island’s residents – fewer than 2,000 – were forced to evacuate.

The location for De Niro’s new resort was to be at the site of the former Club K, the posh hideaway that once frequently hosted Princess Diana before it closed down 12 years ago.

The goal of De Niro’s plan is to draw more tourists to the secluded island and provide jobs to the local islanders.



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