Palm Beach and Orlando Jerk Festival Rebrand as Florida Jerk Festival; New Date Announced

Florida Jerk Festival

Palm Beach and Orlando Jerk Festival, two of Florida’s premier food events, has completed an extensive rebranding effort that will reflect a deep dedication to festival-goer’s experience online & offline. At the core of this rebranding are a change of the structures for each festival and the modification of the name to, Florida Jerk Festival.

Coinciding with the merge of both brands, and a new logo, Florida Jerk Festival will also launch a new website ( on May 15, 2021. Once launched, visitors will be able to view both festivals on one website with the convenience of separating Palm Beach and Orlando’s information on a user-friendly platform.

Florida Jerk Festival July 4th Edition

Along with the rebrand, organizers have announced that the Palm Beach edition will take place on Independence Day, Sunday, July 4th, 2021 at the South Florida Fairgrounds located at 9067 Southern Blvd, West Palm Beach, FL.

Early-Bird Tickets
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Fans of the festival can purchase Early-bird tickets on Eventbrite ( ) and visit to enter their email address for the upcoming performer’s announcement that is set to be released in the coming days.

 “We’ve decided to rebrand as Florida Jerk Festival to bring our two events under one umbrella. We also want to launch Florida Jerk Festival as a food and lifestyle brand that is the number one space for all things relating to Caribbean food and culture,” says Damian Tater, the CEO of the Florida Jerk Festival.

Tater also says that for this year’s edition of the Palm Beach Jerk Festival, safe fun is the brand’s top priority. “We want our fans to come out and enjoy the festival, but we also have to ensure that they can do so safely. For this year’s event, we’re following guidelines by the CDC, requiring masks or facial coverings. We’ll also have over 100 sanitization stations at the venue.”

For over 17 years, the two events have been a staple in the Caribbean-American community allowing attendees to take a trip to the Caribbean without touching their passport.

From music to food and fun, Tater says Florida Jerk Festival aims to bring its audience a well-needed break and a relaxing moment. “Many of our attendees have Caribbean roots and they want a way to connect to their heritage right here in South Florida. Through music and food, which are universal languages, we’ve been able to provide an avenue for the Caribbean community and other locals in South Florida to be able to connect to Caribbean culture in an authentic way.”




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