Krys Evans and Sizzla Kalonji Collaborate on New Single ‘Over Everything’

by Ramona Samuels

krys evans

Krys Evans is a multi-talented New York-based rap artist with a sickly sweet flow. Her hot new track, ‘Over Everything’ with reggae/dancehall icon Sizzla Kalonji, has steadily gained upwards of 29,000 streams on Spotify since its July 2 release. The much-anticipated video is expected this August.

The song starts off with a distinct pop beat as Kalonji’s signature tone introduces the songwriter.

Her soft and charming vocals ideally express these lyrics, “I want us to win, yeah I want us to soar, I wanna be everything you may ever need in a woman and more, don’t wanna pretend, oh I gotta be sure, that on our brightest days know that we both got what it takes to weather the storm”; giving the honest appeal of a woman who is ready to submit to the man she loves.

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The artist, whose real name is Marcella Evans, is excited about the potential of this major collaboration, with the reggae star saying, “being able to work with someone who has influenced the way I make music and the way I live is a dream come true. I am eternally grateful to Sizzla for making this record so special”.

She further states, “I want to introduce my perspective in the music space by offering a new sound; coming from a rich cultural background and growing up in New York City, I know a lot about music and there is a lot I can do”.

Krys Evans is already poised as an extremely alert artist who understands the goal of her career. Her natural ability to sing, rap and write lyrics give her the complete package, carving a lustrous identity within the music industry.

Her formula of originality, authenticity and a sincere passion for music has enabled her to release the 2020 debut album ‘Resilient’, pleasing fans of vast musical interests.

Listen to Over Everything here.



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