Chris Gayle, Cricketer Turned Singer, Releases Recordings

Chris Gayle
Photo: Royal Challengers Bangalore/Flickr

Cricketer Chris Gayle, also known as ‘The Universe Boss’ whose interests have turned to music, shows this isn’t a passing fad by officially releasing five recorded tracks, three of them under his new label Triple Century Records.

The record-breaking Jamaican and West Indies batsman’s first recording was on a track in collaboration with Akash Mehta. The track, “We Heroes” was done in 2016 for a UNICEF campaign. He started recording officially when Stylo G mentioned his name in his “Too Hot” single. After which he promptly confirmed him for the celebrity remix.

“After the Stylo G remix last year and the reception to the track, I realized that this is something I could really take seriously. For that reason, I started putting a team together. I took a lot of pointers from Stylo about flow and recording correctly. Especially now that my label is up and running the world will see what I can deliver,” Gayle said.

Gayle is now preparing to release an introspective single called “Blessings” following other releases last year, Including collaborations with Tanto Blacks “We Come Out Fi Party” and Hindi British singer Avina Shah with “Groove,” and a single called “Living Di Life.”

“Blessings” is a thankful song really because I’ve been through a lot to achieve my success. I wanted to share that with my fans. I want persons to know they too can achieve greatness if they work hard and never listen to negativity. I know 2020 has been a rough year for so many and 2021 looks bleak sometimes. but just stay the course and commit to your goals,” Gayle added.

The “Blessings” single is expected to have a related video within weeks.

Chris Gayle is looking forward to more releases with the help of his writing and recording team Camar “Flava” Doyles and Georvin Briscoe for Triple Century Records.



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