Chef Danny does it Dom Rep Style

Chef Danny shows off his Dulce De Coco Al Horno, a coconut-baked pudding with ice cream - Caribbean National Weekly News

Spice It Up Miami at the Caribbean Marketplace/Little Haiti Cultural Complex, is an experience featuring celebrity chefs from the Caribbean.

On the evening of July 14th, it showcased Chef Danny Manuel Peñaló Dominguez from the Dominican Republic. Chef Danny is the owner and executive chef of the prestigious Yarumba, a Dominican eatery located in Miami Gardens. There is a second location in Oakland Park. The restaurant has a mix of traditional and contemporary recipes from the Dominican Republic. It carries a full bar, live music, and disco on Friday and Saturday evenings.

Best Dominican restaurant in South Florida

Yarumba was recently rated by The Hungry Black Man blog as the “Best Dominican restaurant in South Florida.” Last Friday, guests were treated to Chef Danny’s wonderful list of eats. As they dined, he explained and demonstrated what they were being served.

Sanocho Passion Fruit Margarita

First was the Sanocho, a Dominican beef stew with a side of white rice topped with avocado and spicy sauce. Next was the Tuna Tartar which guests were invited to put together in a hands-on demonstration. Ingredients were placed at the table and they put this dish together. Luscious! Chef Danny relayed, “Do not be afraid to eat fresh meat, if you buy it fresh there is nothing to be afraid of.”

Passion Fruit Margarita

Patrons were also invited to make Passion Fruit Margaritas. The Margarita mix was laid on the table along with salt and sugar, lime, cherries and ice with a mixing bottle to shake. It’s then placed in the traditional Margarita glass. The best Passion Fruit Margarita ever!

Chivo Guisado

The main dish was Chivo Guisado which is braised goat and yucca mash, cassoulet with plantain chips.

Dulce De Coco Al Horno

Dessert was the appealing Dulce De Coco Al Horno, a coconut-baked pudding with ice cream. Scrumptious!

Music, dance and hula hoop

This was an enjoyable evening with sounds of the “Dom Rep” led by a live band and DJ who played Caribbean music. Professional dancers showed attendees how it’s done in the Dominican Republic. There was also a hula hoop contest in which Chef Danny participated. A good sport. Guests had a good time. Luislaine stated, “It’s nice, I like it, it’s different.” Ralph shared, “Good atmosphere, good vibes, it’s nice to have a different ethnicity doing this event, not just Haitians.” Emmanuel conveyed, “It’s excellent, the food is great, MC did a great job, I would definitely go to his restaurant, great band.”


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