Non-Profit Organization Hosted Kids Ocean Camp on Barbuda

Waitt Institute hosts kids camp - Caribbean National Weekly News

The not-for-profit organization, Waitt Institute, hosted its fifth annual Kids Ocean Camp from July 24 to July 28 on the Eastern Caribbean island of Barbuda. The week-long camp provided 31 students ages 7-12 with the opportunity to explore Barbuda’s marine environment first-hand through ocean-themed activities, lessons and field trips.

The camp, led by Veta Wade, founder of Aqua Montserrat and Fish’n Fins, taught children about ocean conservation and marine biology around Barbuda. Activities also included:

  • Swimming
  • Snorkeling
  • Field trips to local beaches
  • Boat trip to the Frigate Bird Sanctuary
  • Pier cleanup

Ongoing Since 2012

The Institute has organized this kids ocean camp every summer since starting Blue Halo Barbuda, a comprehensive ocean and coastal management project, in 2012. “These camps get students out of the classroom and encourage hands-on learning about the ocean, in the ocean” said Waitt Institute Site Manager, Robin Ramdeen. “The Waitt Institute partners with governments to develop and implement sustainable ocean policies through Blue Halo Barbuda. We strongly believe that educating communities about the ocean is key to fostering a generation of ocean leaders and ensuring sustainable resource use in the long run,“ added Ute Zischka, Waitt Institute Program Manager.

Government Agencies Support

This year’s camp received support from a diverse group of government agencies. Children had lessons from individuals from the following agencies:

  • Barbuda Fisheries
  • Department of Environment Education
  • Barbuda Council
  • Secondary Schools

Teaches Kids to Keep the Ocean Clean

“Working with kids is the way to go, it has to start with them for things to work” said Doug Beazer of Barbuda Fisheries. Asha Hope added, “I hope that the children realize the importance of the ocean, in terms of jobs, in terms of food, in terms of our survival as people. This camp is great because it really teaches them about keeping the ocean clean and the overall importance of the ocean.”

Children Excited About Ocean and Beach Cleanup

Robin Ramdeen said, “It was rewarding to see how excited the children were about the ocean lessons and beach cleanups. I believe this experience will have a lasting effect on the children and will grow their interest in marine conservation. These students are our future and with their passion we can continue to improve our marine environment on Barbuda.”

Camp leader, Veta Wade said “This camp is a great example of how shared love of the ocean, and collaboration between islands can empower, inspire and educate the future generation and our people. I look forward to seeing more partnerships like this throughout the Caribbean as we work to protect our most valuable resource: The Caribbean Sea.”



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