Miami prepare for King Tide Season

The seasonal coast flooding attributed to rising tides along South Florida’s eastern coast known as King Tides are expected on September 8-13, October 6-12, October 24-28 and November 4-9.

In preparation for the anticipated flooding, City of Miami outreach teams along with Shorecrest community leaders will be visiting residents of the flood-vulnerable Shorecrest neighborhood today, September 5, to share information about steps being taken to mitigate impacts and how residents can protect themselves and their property from rising water from the ocean, including: 

City-wide aerial surveys of anticipated high impact areas using drones

Location scouting for temporary flood alleviation measures such as tidal valves, catch-basin plugs, and temporary dams

Assessments to inform long-term stormwater infrastructure investments

Health and safety tips regarding floodwater

Ways to report flooding (311, 311 app)


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