City of Lauderhill Adjusts to New Orders from the State and County

The City of Lauderhill has received the newest State and County Executive orders as it pertains to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

All businesses in the State of Florida under the Governor’s Executive Order 20-244 are permitted to reopen with some restrictions set forth by Broward County.

Any business licensed to serve either food or alcohol must comply with all guidelines as provided by Attachment 2 in Broward County EO-26 where the establishment can operate up to 50% of their capacity. Bar counters for the purposes of alcohol consumption must remain closed, tables must be 6 feet apart, and parties are limited to 6 persons.

Live entertainment is also allowable, however, the entertainers must maintain 10 feet distance from patrons.

Banquet halls are allowed to operate at 50% room capacity but cannot exceed 100 persons total as per Attachment 20 in Broward County EO-25.

Organized outdoor sports may have spectators limited to groups of 10 persons or less, subject to terms in Attachments 8 & 19 in Broward EO-25.  Activities or sports in public parks that are not organized are still limited to 10 persons as per Attachment 8 in Broward EO-25.

As per Attachment 11 in Broward EO-25community pools are now permitted to have guests in common areas and are no longer required to remove pool furniture or have a monitor. They must not exceed a 50% capacity. The association can impose stricter requirements.

The County is still asking everyone to wear masks, keep social distancing, and keep good hygiene as we enter this new phase.


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