What do you like most about the Olympics?

Timothy – Miami, FL

I just recently started taking an interest in the Olympics and I’m not a huge fan. I like watching Michael Phelps and the swimming competitions. I think the games set a great example for children. It encourages them to be active which is in keeping with what God wants. I’ve always been very active myself.

Joann – Miami Gardens, FL.

I like the fact that athletes from different countries can come together to be proud of where they are from and show off their abilities. I have some concerns though about the crime in Rio as well as the fact that some of the locations in the Olympic village were not ready. They had 4 years to get it together. My favorite events to watch are gymnastics, basketball, soccer, volleyball and track and field.

Chris – Miramar, FL

I’ve been watching the Olympics especially the gymnastics and swimming. I’m also looking forward to the start of the track and field events. I was involved with athletics when I was growing up, but I lost interest. At one point I even dreamt of going to the Olympics, but dreaming was as far as it got.

Yvette – Miami, FL

I’m loving the tennis and my girl Serena Williams. I’m also a huge Tiger Woods fan. I’m not really into track and field although I do know about Usain Bolt.

Pretty Ricky – Miami Gardens, FL

I love watching the women run. They’re fast too. Even that Usain Bolt. Someone is going to get him this year. Someone from the States. As a matter of fact, most of the medals are coming back here to the good old US of A. Growing up, I was a big sports fan, but my height prevented me from getting very far. They said my legs were too short. O well. I wish all the athletes success.

Stacey – Miami, FL

I’ve been watching the events a little. My favorite event is gymnastics. Those women look very strong doing their flips and routines. I really like watching it. Growing up I played basketball, softball and I was a runner. At one point I actually wanted to run in the Olympics. My favorite athletes were Flojo and Jackie Joyner –Kersee. I don’t watch a lot of TV now so I don’t know who Usain Bolt is.

Terry – Overtown, FL.

It’s really good to watch all the athletes doing their thing. I am a basketball fan, but I like watching the track and field events the best.

Nadelyn & Sunshine – Miami Gardens, FL.      

We like the swimming and gymnastics, but we really love the excitement of track and field. Usain Bolt is our favorite athlete. We are both very athletic so we do dream of one day representing the country in the Olympics.

Michael Dabney – Opa Locka, FL

I’m a big fan of the Olympics. My favorite event is boxing. I actually did some boxing when I was growing up. I was a middle weight. When I go home, I will be glued to the TV to watch Bolt. He is going to set more records this year. He will actually break his own records and set new ones. I love everything Jamaican. I love my people and I am proud of all that we have accomplished. I bleed black, green and gold.



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