#CNWTalkUp: What has been the Most Challenging Part of the COVID-19 Pandemic?

The COVID-19 pandemic has been one of the most significant global crises in almost 100 years. From an increase in poverty, widescale migration issues, rising unemployment and so much more, the ripple effects of the pandemic are currently being felt and will be for years to come.

And on an individual level, people around the world have had to deal with their own personal challenges brought on by COVID-19.

We asked some of our readers what was the most challenging part of the pandemic for them. Here are the responses:

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Tara Herman: The most challenging part of the pandemic for me was being confident in bringing my kids out in public knowing that I am making them susceptible to a virus that actually could kill them. Of course, at the time there was no vaccine available for them as of yet so I really felt like good cop/bad cop because although I wanted to bring them out to socialize like for organizational sports teams, it was at a cost of their health.

Natalie W. – Working in retail was the hardest part of the pandemic for me, I was not being able to receive the support of my shoppers because we were on lockdown. So due to the fact that we were on lockdown, sales went down and I found myself falling behind on bills and rent. I’m happy that now we’re coming out of it.

Alexis McCall – The hardest part has not been confinement and social isolation. It’s been watching the news that tens of thousands of people have died from this coronavirus, many more are dying today, and tens of thousands will perish in the next month. The thought of their families and friends grieving and millions of others who are looking down the barrel of financial ruin only worsens feelings of depression and doom.

Tony Wright – The hardest part is feeling like you’re not being compensated for being essential, while non-essential workers stay home and receive extra money, are able to work from home (in many cases), and have extra time with their families, with less risk to themselves or their families.

Micah Lenin – Becoming a parent was the hardest part of the pandemic for me. Not being able to go to doctor visits to hear the baby’s heartbeat, not having a traditional baby shower with loved ones and not having our parents see the baby face-to-face was all a lot to deal with and heartbreaking at times. Thank God for visual communication, it got us all through those tough times.

Crystal Smith – The hardest part of the pandemic has been the uncertainty of the virus itself. In the beginning, everyone was just so scared and panicking all the time. I was afraid to go out because you just didn’t know who had it. Even now, when there are spikes, its still scary. Yes, there are vaccinations now, but no one wants to get COVID-19.

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