Do you know the lyrics for the American Anthem?

Alexis – Miami Gardens, FL.

No, I don’t think so. Is that the same thing as the “Star Spangled Banner?” Oh, yes, I know a few of the words. I learned it in elementary school, so I think I might have known the whole song back then. I think it has about four verses. I am an American, but I don’t think that it is necessary to know the anthem.

Malik – Bunche Park, FL

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If I know it will I get a prize? Yeah, I know it. I learned it when I was very young. We should all know it. Why not? As an American or even if you don’t consider yourself an American, this is something you should know. We all live here, so you show America love. Show love even if you hate America.

The Dark Knight – Long Island, NY.

I don’t think that it is important to know the American anthem. The average person is more interested in their social media accounts than in knowing this kind of stuff. I know for sure that Donald Trump doesn’t know the words of the “Star Spangled Banner.” As a matter of fact, if he wants to do something useful, he should stop building towers and focus on teaching people the words of the American anthem. How about that?

Laura – Miami Gardens, FL

I only know a few lines of what I think is the first verse. I’m not sure how many verses it has. I think I learned it from watching TV. To be honest, I really should know the anthem because if you live in this country, it’s something you really should know.

Melissa – Miramar, FL

I don’t know it at all. I should know it, but I don’t.

Ozell – Polk County, FL.

Yes, I know it. I learned it when I was a child. I’ll sing a few lines for you. It’s important to know the American anthem because it is something to be proud of. It’s also called the “Star Spangled Banner.”

Kaliph – Miami Gardens, FL.

I know a part of it. If I sing it, it will come back to me. I don’t think it’s important to know the American anthem. It’s not important for everyday life. It’s not like someone is going to stop me in the street and threaten my life if I don’t know the words. Outside of situations like this one where you are asking me, I can’t think of any other reason why I would need to know it.

Lorenzo – Miami, FL

Yes, I know pretty much all of it. I know it has a few verses, but I’m not sure how many. I grew up here so I learned it when I was young. It’s important to know it. If you live here, you should know it. I know many immigrants don’t know it because they didn’t go to school here, but they should try to learn it. If you are ignorant to something, I won’t blame you, but once you have been exposed to the information, it is your responsibility to dig a little deeper and learn.

Christina – Miami FL

I know a part of it. Is that the same as the “Star Spangled Banner?” I have no idea. It’s been so long since I learned this stuff. It’s important for us to know the anthem because it allows us to celebrate our country.

Larry – Carol City, FL

No, I don’t know it. Which one is that? The “Oh say can you see..?” Yes, I know a few lines. I learned it when I was in elementary school, which is why I don’t remember it now. Which one is the “Star Spangled Banner?” I get it mixed up with the pledge. This is where we live, so we really should know this information. People from every other country know their anthem and they are proud of it, so we should know ours too.

Kame – Miami Gardens, FL.

I don’t really know it. I can maybe sing a few lines, but that’s about it. I grew up here, so I learned it in school. I can’t remember much of it right now though. I think people living in this country should know the anthem. It’s information and the more you know, the better.

Robert – Iowa

I know a few lines, but that’s it. The words come back to me when I hear it being sung, but I can’t recall all the words from memory. I learned it when I was a very young child. I think it’s important to know the anthem, even though I don’t really know it by heart.