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Coming up in the newscast, Broward County Public Schools cancels summer activities, Jamaica to implement home quarantine measures for returning residents and St. Kitts prepares for general elections next month.

Now for the news in the detail

Broward County Public Schools has announced the cancellation of summer activities in its public school buildings. The cancelled activities include municipal summer camps and daycare services, Before and After School Child Care, and all other activities that were previously scheduled or anticipated. The school district staff said that they are still working closely with providers to coordinate these programs using distance learning, whenever possible. As for the next school year, the first day of classes for students is still scheduled for Wednesday, August 19. The school district said there is no timetable for a final decision about reopening campuses for classes in August.

In the meantime, After last week’s announcement that approximately 1,000 city employees would be furloughed 8 hours a week, the City of Miramar has decided to reverse the decision. Ahead of today’s commission vote in the City of Miramar, City Manager Vernon Hargray and members of the commission are coming up with alternatives to the proposed furloughs, which would have seen employees losing as much as 20 percent of their salaries. The furloughs were billed as part of a 7-pronged approach to offset the city’s economic shortfall of $23 million brought on by COVID-19.

City employees had received a memo on May 13 regarding details of the time furloughs, which consisted of 8 hours each week per employee from June 11 to December 9, 2020.

In Caribbean News, The Royal Caribbean Adventure of the Seas with 1,044 Jamaican ship workers onboard arrived at the Falmouth Pier in Trelawny on Tuesday.  Upon till Monday afternoon the vessel was drifting in Caribbean waters as the captain waited for landing clearance from the Government of Jamaica. After growing pressure from the opposition and attorneys representing some of the crew members the government gave permission for the vessel to dock. The ship workers have been stuck at sea since the closure of Jamaica’s borders in March. 

The Jamaicans will disembark in batches of 200 every 48 to 72 hours and will be tested and transported to the Bahia hotel to await their results. Ship workers who test positive will be sent to a state facility for isolation while those who test negative will be allowed to go home where they will be required to self quarantine for 14 days. 

A pregnant Jamaican crew member who had a medical emergency whilst onboard the ship will be the first to disembark. She will be transported to the Cornwall Regional Hospital in St. James for treatment. 

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