US Airlines to Expand Routes to Dominican Republic

Three airlines from North America have been granted permission to operate new routes between cities in the United States and the Dominican Republic – from Charlotte, in North Carolina, to El Catey, in Samaná, from Orlando to Punta Cana, and from Miami to Punta Cana.

The aviation companies were granted amendments to their contracts for the expansion, among them American Airlines, which for the first time will carry out direct flights between the tourist area of ​​Samaná and the United States.

With the permission to operate its third route, American Airlines will be able to fly from Charlotte, in North Carolina, – a city that is home to hundreds of Dominicans.

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American Airlines flights between the United States and Samaná will begin on June 5, where they will have a frequency of two flights per week from Charlotte to El Catey and vice versa, to complete four operations using Embraer aircraft capacity for 76 passengers.

José Marte Piantini, president of the civil aviation authority, said that little by little, the Dominican Republic is regaining its leadership as a tourist destination in the Caribbean.

He said that the US airlines Frontier, Spirit, and American Airlines have also asked to expand their air operations permits to increase their frequencies.

He said that during the celebration of the ordinary meeting of the JAC, held on Wednesday, members of the plenary were aware of the requests of the North American airlines that, despite market restrictions, continue to trust the Dominican Republic as a tourist destination and they want to invest in expanding their travel offers.

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