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A biographical documentary film documenting the life of Bob Marley was released

On this day in Caribbean history on April 20, 2012, a biographical documentary film, called Marley, directed by Kevin Macdonald documenting the life of Bob Marley was released in 2012.

The documentary features footage and interviews from Bob’s early days as a solo artist when he joined Peter Tosh and Bunny Wailer to create “The Wailers.”

The group later became known as Bob Marley and the Wailers which achieved international fame. The group’s success made Marley a household name. Marley,along with band mates, was able to put the reggae genre on the world stage, fully personifying its spirit and spreading its gospel to all corners of the globe with a series of hit songs and albums.

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Marley’s contribution to reggae, as well as other genres, is undeniable and the impact he left behind on the music industry is astounding, with many recognized artists today attributing much of their musical inspiration to him. Moreover, many of Marley’s lyrics speak to an upliftment that Marley referred toas “positive vibrations”.

The documentary also highlights the struggle between medicine and his faith when he was diagnosed with Cancer.

Wailers group member Bunny Wailers was not happy with the total outcome of the documentary because he felt that it downplayed Bob’s devotion to the Rastafarian faith.


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