The Second Annual Egbe Festival to Take Place February 2, 2019, in Miami, Florida.


The sound of the Djembe (drum) will echo throughout Historic Virginia Key Beach Park for a display and celebration of the earth’s African heritage.

Richness of Mother Africa
On February 2, 2019, Spiritual Essences invites you to come and explore the richness of Mother Africa – in South Florida. The second annual Egbe Festival will offer a one-of-a-kind experience, a fusion of tradition and culture.

As civilization started in Africa, this celebration welcomes friends and families from all parts of the world to come experience live drumming sessions, join in Afro-dancing, find special treasures with arts and crafts while experiencing culinary delights from food vendors.

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“Unity is strength; division is weakness.”- Swahili proverb.
South Florida, a diverse melting pot, is home to one of the largest Caribbean diaspora and Afro-Latino populations in the U.S. from where many of the traditions and influences of Africa are still evident.

Cultivate the African culture
The Egbe Orisa Traditional Arts’N Cultural Festival aims to heighten, enrich and cultivate the African culture to the entire community through live entertainment, delightful cuisine and the arts. Come wearing African print and attire and ready to partake in authentic traditions.

There will also be a chance to interact with royal and distinguished African leaders. In addition, children will get to learn firsthand about their culture at the Abule Ewe (Children’s Village) through fun activities.

“It is through knowledge of culture and tradition, we can stand as one people, thus the reason for the Egbe Festival.” – Ifawuyi Esuloju Eyioriwaase, event organizer.



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