Bahamas declares National Day of Thanksgiving following Hurricane Joaquin

Bahamas Christian Council, Dr. Ranford Patterson

The Bahamas government has declared Wednesday “a National Day of Thanksgiving and Repentance” following the passage of Hurricane Joaquin last month resulting in widespread damage estimated at millions of dollars. The government said national services of thanksgiving and Repentance will be held in New Providence and the Family Islands as well as in New Providence.

“The purpose of these services is to bring together Bahamians representing all segments of society and the Church in The Bahamas in praise, worship and thanksgiving to God for protecting our people against the loss of life during one of the most devastating Hurricanes in our nation’s history,” said President of the Bahamas Christian Council, Dr. Ranford Patterson, in a statement after Prime Minister Prime Minister Perry Christie announced the proclamation.

“These services will also serve as a time for us to acknowledge, repent of and turn from our sin and get back on the road that leads to our God,”


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