Suriname Airline to Launch Flights to Guyana, Barbados and Curacao

Suriname airline
Photo: Andrew J. Muller Source: Wikipedia

A carrier from Suriname is scheduled to start flying to Guyana, Barbados, Curacao and other countries in the region in the near future.

This was recently announced by Public Works Minister Bishop Juan Edghill during a press briefing at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport (CJIA).

“Fly All Ways out of Suriname will be operating the Suriname route, the Barbados route and Curacao route out of the Cheddi Jagan International Airport,” he said, while adding that the government anticipates that more airlines will come onstream.

“We are happy that traffic at CJIA, even in a Covid environment has been building and coming along and we want to get to a stage where we are opened back up full blast for business.”

Regarding the safety of staff at CJIA,  Edghill said he is advocating on behalf of the Board of Directors to have vaccines available to staff since they are frontline workers.

“So, my engagement with the Minister of Health and the letter that has already been transmitted, will very well see in the very shortest possible time, all the staff, which will include immigration, customs, handlers and all the staff at the airport being vaccinated.”

Guyana signed an Open Skies Agreement with Suriname last December to broaden connectivity and tap into new and existing markets with the Dutch nation.

The agreement was lauded for the opportunities it will open for both countries in the areas of travel, tourism and trade.

In recent months, US carrier –  JetBlue has gotten approval and has begun its operations in Guyana, while Virgin Atlantic and other carriers have also applied to ply the Guyana route.



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