Successful Caribbean Women’s Power Lunch


The Caribbean Women’s Power Lunch concept started as brunch on a Sunday but later evolved into the more intimate movement “Everyone Does Brunch, Let’s Do Lunch” brought to you by Kerra Denel. With tides changing for Women of the West Indian diaspora as faces of leadership and authority; this event was created for ladies to share their stories of success and hardships as women in different industries.

Originating in Toronto, Canada CWPL gathered numerous women of Caribbean heritage to enjoy great networking, delicious food, and enlightening conversation. Guest speakers ranged from authors, life coaches, media personalities and more. The first event was such a huge success its second installment took place four months later solidifying its name as a brand for Caribbean women of varying nationalities to unite. After the achievements of the first two events and growing interest among the community in other major cities, CWPL traveled to the Wynwood Art District in Miami, Florida. 

With the announcement of CWPL Miami, the level of support was tremendous!

This past Sunday, December 2,  the atmosphere at the event was filled with such beautiful energy of women just laughing and sharing in the moment. The panel speakers Chandra Maharaj, Simone Russell, Giselle Blanche, Rochelle Gapere, Alexis Nunes and Vanessa James all delivered thought-provoking messages that inspired various Caribbean businesswomen, entrepreneurs and creators to stay strong upon the course of their goals.

Grammy award winner Angela Hunte reminded women to cultivate and foster healthy and supportive relationships amongst each other and welcome any opportunity to help others grow within our culture. They understood the importance of surrounding themselves with a positive, likeminded circle that will support them along their journey. In conclusion, the patrons passionately spoke of being reenergized and filled with even more focus and purpose. As we near the end of 2018, the women of CWPL were left with this heartfelt message “My happiness requires my courage.”

CWPL welcomes diverse women to experience sisterhood, unity, motivation, and positivity. This movement will continue to spread love, empowering women in Caribbean communities globally. It’s next destination… the shores of Trinidad of Tobago in the first quarter of 2019.


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