Finally! South East USA diaspora advisory board elections on tap

Advisory Board elections on tap

South East USA Diaspora Board Conference 2016
South East USA Diaspora Board Conference 2016

Over six months has passed since the election for a South East USA diaspora advisory board member was scheduled. But, it seems an election is finally being organized.

This was related by Reverend Horace Ward, the South Eest USA Electoral Officer for the Diaspora Advisory Board, in an interview with National Weekly.

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He said logistical hitches related to assembling personnel for election machinery, is the reason for the six-month delay.

Rev Horace Ward South East USA diaspora advisory board
Reverend Horace Ward. South East USA Diaspora advisory board member

“It was just that we didn’t have the time to get it done. Folks were extremely busy. This is a voluntary effort, so we have to work with people’s schedules,” Ward explained.

Nominations are not yet open for the board post, which is currently held by Orlando attorney Wayne Golding.

According to Ward, an announcement inviting nominations from Jamaicans in the SE US region, including Florida, Georgia, Texas and seven other states, will be made shortly.

“I cannot give you a definite date but nominations will be open in about two weeks and the election will be held and results announced in June, before the next Jamaica Diaspora conference in July,”  he said.

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Two other regions –  North-Eastern and Western —  have opened nominations for their respective Advisory Board members.  Ward is not perturbed nominations are yet to open for the South-East region.

“While we will not all have our elections on the same date, they will be all held within the same time frame. This is a first,” he said.

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