Police investigate deaths of six members of Haitian family

Bloox Pierre-Louis with wife Maggie Montreuil and two children

The police in Haiti have confirmed that the bodies of six members of a family were found in a house in Charrier, in the second communal section of Cap-Haitien on Sunday.

The Spokesman for the National Police of Haiti, Divisional Inspector Anasey Dorival, said the PNH had been alerted by neighbors who were concerned on not seeing even a single family member leave the house in recent days.

He said on arriving at the scene, the police found the six bodies and have since identified them as Bloox Pierre-Louis and his wife Maggie Montreuil, their two children, Ray and Blooma Pierre-Louis, a niece Michaëlle Elvécius and a brother of Mrs. Montreuil, Tonny Montreuil, who was scheduled to return to the United States on Monday.

Commissioner of the Government of Cap-Haitien, Ferney Charles Saint Juste, beleives that they were probably poisoned.

He said the bodies had been turned over to the medical examiner and that the police judicial department has opened an investigation to determine the circumstances of their deaths.

The police said that no one has been arrested in connection with the deaths.


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