National Bar Association heads to the Caribbean

National Bar Association Haiti Cuba

Delegates travel to Haiti and Cuba for International session

The National Bar Association heads to the Caribbean this week the highly anticipated 2016 NBA Annual International Affiliates Meeting.  Over 30 NBA delegates will first travel to Haiti on May 18-22 and 120 NBA delegates will travel to Cuba on May 23-30.

NBA leadership and members will experience the cities of Port-au-Prince, Havana and Santiago, Cuba through a humanitarian exchange program. In Haiti, NBA members will meet with representatives of the Haitian Bar, visit the National Supreme Court and the historic Citadel – a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

“As the first Black republic in our history in 1804, it is critical that we continue to build our cross cultural bonds between Haiti and the United States,” said NBA President Benjamin Crump. “We are committed to support our professional peers in Haiti and assisting with their pursuit of great peace, security, rule of law and economic prosperity.”

In Cuba, the delegation will also visit a number of cultural and historic landmarks, meet with the Union Nacional de Jurists de Cuba to discuss ways to support the people of Cuba, and participate in a briefing and reception at the U.S. Embassy Residence.

“Given the political complexities and historical context of Cuba, we are excited regarding this opportunity to learn more about the culture and people of Cuba,” said Vanita Banks, NBA Past President and 2016 NBA International Affiliates Meeting Chair. “We look forward to understanding more about the challenges and nuances of the systems of justice and the economic realities impacting the Cuban people. Cuba is on the brink of transformative change, and the NBA stands ready to support the people of Cuba during this new era of relations between our countries.”

The program hopes to encourage a true “People to People” exchange of ideas, experiencing each country’s system of life, laws, economy, as well as their culture.


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