Miami bridge that killed Jamaican had cracks weeks before collapse

FIU bridge collapse

A Miami bridge, which collapsed on March 15th killing six people including a Jamaican immigrant, had shown cracks from weeks before.

The Miami Herald reports that documents from Florida International University show the cracks were found in late February. The structure collapsed March 15, killing six people.

Photos show the cracks in a piece of a support truss on the north end of the span where the collapse began.

Bridge engineers told the newspaper that the cracks suggest a problem that should have been addressed before the section that failed was moved into place. The National Transportation Safety Board is investigating the cause of the collapse which killed Jamaican Navarro ‘Varo’ Brown, 37.

Brown was a bridge worker on  the 950-ton span Florida International University, (FIU), pedestrian walkway at Southwest 8th Street and 109th Avenue with Structural Technologies VSL.



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